Bernie, Create a Tea Party of the Left Within the Democratic Party Now--Rabbi Lerner

(Here's an important message from Rabbi Lerner of Tikkum magazine about Bernie Sanders and the next steps for his political revolution.  Please let us know your thoughts about Rabbi Lerner's proposal.)

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A Love Letter to Bernie

 Let's make a commitment to long-term grassroots organizing for fundamental change (and a political revolution)

Dear Bernie,

We are amongst the millions of donors and hundreds of thousands of activists who have pushed your campaign forward against seemingly unbeatable odds. What can we say? We love you.   Read more »

My Frustrating Day as an NYC Poll Worker


Late-arriving staff, broken equipment and affidavit ballots that may not be counted

By Nancy Wolfe at the Indypendent, April 21, 2016  Read more »

Donna Smith: On Tom Hayden's Switch to Hillary

Editor's Note:  In a recent issue of the Nation, PDA Advisory Board member has come out in support of Hillary Clinton for president.  Donna Smith, PDA's Executive Director responds.

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The American Fascist

by on

9 March 2016  Read more »

Sanders calls notion he should quit Democratic race 'absurd'

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Trump Is the Most Offensive GOP Candidate, But Cruz Would Be More Dangerous in the Oval Office

Ted Cruz is a conniving, uncompromising, power-hungry demagogue whose policies would serve the richest Americans.

How Liberals Tried to Kill the Dream of Single-Payer

Prominent progressives have undercut
a cherished policy goal of the left.