Interview With Bill Barclay




Bill Barclay is from Raleigh North Carolina, where he witnessed and was involved in the Civil rights movement as a youth. In the 1970’s not long after College, Bill Barclay, got involved in the New American Movement, where he met and formed a Partnership with Pat Strobel. Bill Barclay was also VP of Strategy at the Chicago Stock Exchange, And started the Chicago Political Economy Group.  Read more »

Turnout Will Determine Mayoral Race--Poll

OGDEN and FRY, Contact Tom Swift, 773-485-9477  Feb 15, 2015

Rahm Emanual Dominating, but Remains Below 50%.  
Turn out key, but difficult to predict.
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Chicago: the Big Brother City

“I don’t think there is another city in the U.S. that has an extensive and integrated camera network as Chicago has.”


-Michael Chertoff, former Homeland Security secretary

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Mell, Meegan, Wanat meet at 33rd ward community forum

Photo courtesy of Progress Illinois

The first public aldermanic debate for the race in the 33rd ward was held at Bateman Elementary School on Tuesday night, and featured: incumbent Deb Mell, high school history teacher Timothy Meegan, and community organizer Annisa Wanat.    Read more »

Is Ending Segregation The Key To Ending Poverty


Like many mothers raising children in Chicago's housing projects in the 1990s and 2000s, Seitia Harris was afraid of the drugs and violence that were pervasive in the neighborhood where she lived, Altgeld Gardens on the city's South Side.  Read more »

Representive Mike Quigley and the 1%

By Tom Brodrick, Chicago Democratic Socialist of America

Caroling Quigley over "Fast Track" for a Bad Trade Deal    Read more »

Mell challenger in 33rd Ward blasts TIF program 'patronage'

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Corporate America and free community college: A match made in economic heaven

Rick Wartzman, Fortune, 2/4/2015

Business leaders should be racing to embrace President Obama’s vision to make community college free.

Green Party of Chicago Endorses Bob Fioretti for Mayor

Statement by the The Green Party of Chicago on it's endorsement of Bob Fioretti for Mayor

The Green Party of Chicago is happy to announce our endorsement for Mayor: Alderman Bob Fioretti!

Meegan, Tresser speak at 33rd Ward's 'TIF Illumination Night'

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