The UnDemocratic Party, Alan Grayson

PDA has endorsed Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson in his run for the Senate. 

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Bernie Didn't Win New Hampshire. No Joke.

By Robert Krall, Op Ed News 2/11/16  Read more »

Iowa 2016: What Will We Do With People Like Me? --Donna Smith

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Robert Reich: Paul Krugman just doesn’t get it

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Sen. Durbin: Sanders could win Iowa and New Hampshire!

Chelsea Clinton Is Confused about Single Payer-Gerald Friedman

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MoveOn overwhelmingly endorses Bernie Sanders

Fascinating Facts about Democratic Convention Delegates

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Ralph Nader on Bernie Sanders Run for Presidency--Democracy Now

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman interview's former third Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader about Bernie Sanders' run in the Democratic Primary.    Read more »