Ralph Nader on Bernie Sanders Run for Presidency--Democracy Now

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman interview's former third Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader about Bernie Sanders' run in the Democratic Primary.    Read more »

Shocking: Homan Square detainee, "I was sexually abused by police at Chicago 'black site'"

The US edition of the Guardian has been reporting the Chicago Police maintain a "black site" at Homan Square where people are illegally detained and abused without changes being filed.

Spencer Ackerman The Guardian  Read more »

Will Illinois follow Wisconsin into austerity or Minnesota to prosperity?

Scott Walker has failed Wisconsin and Minnesota is the proof
By Jimmy Anderson, Purple Wisconsin Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Editor: As part of PDA's Healthy Illinois campaign, we're looking at neighboring states for ideas on how Illinois can solve its economic dilemma.

Commentary: Chicago Economic Royalists Eye CPS Budget

By Bill Bianchi, PDA-Chicago

Why are so many of Chicago's Financial elite so interested in public education?  Read more »

PDA Endorses Bernie Sanders for President!

April 30, 2015 - D.C., Wash. -- Washington, D.C.--Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), a grassroots federal PAC, announced the endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders for President.

Progressive Blind Spots: Ignoring Bernie, Rejecting NO.

By Bill Bianchi, PDA-Illinois

Why are major progressive activist groups not urging Bernie Sanders to run for president as a Democrat?

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About that Tribune Poll, Don Rose

Don Rose is an independent political consultant who specializes in progressive candidates. He writes a weekly online column for the Chicago Daily Observer  (CDOBS.com) and has published widely, including in The Nation.

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