John Laesch: Quinn Picks Republican Running Mate

Quinn Picks Republican Running Mate

By John Laesch, Progressive Fox, November 9, 2013  Read more »

W/Video: Huffpo: Chicago School Board Votes To Allow 35 Per Classroom, 2,700 Teacher Layoffs Possible

Despite protests from students, parents and teachers, the Chicago School Board voted unanimously to allow Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman to make major changes to the system Tuesday.

The board approved Huberman's emergency budget plan, which could lead to 2,700 teacher layoffs and give district officials the power to raise class sizes to up to 35 students.  Read more »

Bill Bianchi: Obama/Democrats' Dilemma: Trying to Sell a Lemon


In his speech before Congress Wednesday night, President Obama did accomplish some positive things that will improve his political standing and shore up his political base, which had been eroding recently due to weakness in the face of attacks. But he and his party still face a serious, perhaps, insurmountable dilemma.  Read more »

Video: Health Officials "Surprised" by Petcoke Company's New Facility Plans

Please click here to see video 

Health Officials "Surprised" by Petcoke Company's New Facility Plans  Read more »

PDA December Educate Congress Letter

Please Read and sign the December Education Congress Letter
Let Congressman Quigley know that

See Elizabeth Warren Take Down Citigroup

Please click for Elizabeth Warren Video


Kari Lydersen: Activists - Chicago ‘being played’ by [Koch Bros] petcoke company

Activists: Chicago ‘being played’ by petcoke company

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Ken Previti: RETIREES: You are nothing. (Congress and the media ignore you during a major crisis.)

"A corpora

Don Rose: What Are We Going to Do About the Torturers?

What Are We Going to Do About the Torturers?  Read more »

Karen Lewis - First full length interview since Illness

Karen Lewis on #BlackLivesMatter, Politics and Getting Back in the Mix

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