Don Rose - Will this cover-up sink the Treasurer in Senate race?

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Will this cover-up sink the Treasurer?

by Don Rose, in the Chicago Observer

What may possibly be a major financial blunder followed by what is clearly a cover-up is likely to affect the 2010 race to fill President Barack Obama’s senate seat—and perhaps other seats down the ballot.

Riding high in the Democratic primary polls at present is Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, the president’s youthful basketball-buddy banker. Millionaire Giannoulias waltzed into the treasurer’s office in 2006 by investing several of his millions in a television spot featuring then-Senator Obama.

Having served nearly a full term in that relatively low-profile office, he decided to leapfrog into the United States Senate, where Roland Burris is working as a temp.

It’s hard to really screw up being state treasurer, but Giannoulias and his handpicked crew managed to do so, big time.

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