Separation of Corporation and State: Healthcare

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John Laesch is a union carpenter and former candidate for the US House of Representatives. He has also served as a professional consultant and organizer for numerous political campaigns, primarily in Illinois.


Separation of Corporation and State: Healthcare

by John Laesch, April 3, 2010 

My political career began on a cold evening in the dimly lit labor hall of Laborers Local 362 on Cabin Town Road, in Bloomington, IL. It was the monthly Democratic Party meeting and I had no intention of speaking. After representatives from other campaigns spoke, I felt the need to represent my 2004 presidential pick. The words fell out of my mouth with no cadence or inspiration and I’m confident that nothing I said was remembered by the 20-25 attendees who were being pressured by party leaders to send Rod Blagojevich another $500 contribution. But there it was: the 12 words that have somehow come to define my political activism: “The task of my generation is the separation of corporation and state.”

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A lot of people wanted to experience the real deal. Most especially that it requires them to be expressive. - Mark Zokle