Guzzardi wins big, Preckwinkle’s phony progressives lose


By Lenny Brody and Bill Bianchi, PDA-Chicago

The Democratic March 18th primary elections produced important lessons for progressive activists in Chicago. First, Will Guzzardi’s 60% victory showed how a grassroots, movement based campaign can defeat the state (Madigan) and Cook country (Berrios) Democratic machines.

Chicago residents take petcoke fight to the streets

By Kari Lydersen, Midwest Energy News, April 17, 2014

Residents of Chicago's Southeast Side strategize about fighting petcoke at a meeting April 15. (Photo courtesy Lloyd DeGrane)Photo courtesy Lloyd DeGrane    

Feeling that elected officials have betrayed them in the battle over piles of petroleum coke on the Southeast Side of Chicago, residents have vowed to take the fight to the streets and into their own hands.

In unseasonably frigid temperatures at a local park Tuesday evening, they discussed a march planned for April 26, ongoing protests and the idea of boycotting BP, whose Whiting, Indiana refinery is the source of the “petcoke” piling up along the Calumet River.

Activism by local residents catapulted the petcoke piles into national prominence last fall, with Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, local Alderman John Pope and other elected officials promising to crack down on petcoke storage by companies including Koch Industries subsidiary KCBX.

In February, Emanuel and Pope announced an ordinance that would have prevented the expansion of petcoke storage and imposed requirements on existing piles.

But residents are furious that at the April 1 City Council meeting where the zoning committee was to vote on the ordinance, a substitute ordinance was introduced that allows continued increased petcoke storage provided the material is burned on-site.

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Naomi Klein: Why US fracking companies are licking their lips over Ukraine

From climate change to Crimea, the natural gas industry is supreme at exploiting crisis for private gain – what I call, 'The Shock Doctrine.'

By Naomi Klein, The Guardian, April 10, 2014

Naomi Klein

The way to beat Vladimir Putin is to flood the European market with fracked-in-the-USA natural gas, or so the industry would have us believe. As part of escalating  anti-Russian hysteria, two bills have been introduced into the US Congress – one in the House of Representatives (H.R. 6), one in the Senate (S. 2083) – that attempt to fast-track liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, all in the name of helping Europe to wean tself from Putin's fossil fuels, and enhancing US national security.
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Chicago's outsourcing habit has costly consequences

By: Daphne T. Greenwood, in Crain's Chicago Business, April 14, 2014   Read more »

The Debate: Should Bernie Run as a Dem or an Independent?

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Protesters Demand Robin Kelly Keep her promise to support the Robin Hood Tax

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Revised Chicago Petcoke Ordinance 'Opens The Door' For More Dirty Facilities, Environmentalists Say

Ellyn Fortino Progressive Illinois, Tuesday April 1st, 2014

That blindsides us. How can they do that? 

Three Senators Could End the Odious Illinois Charter School Commission


From Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice

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Dirty coal rush taints Illinois' clean energy campaign


The state's hypocritical energy push has reached a tipping point

Bloomberg! Occupy Tastes Rare Success in Rise of Seattle Socialist

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